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Travel Solo After 40

By Travel Journalist and Photographer Melissa Banigan

is featured in publications such as:
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I'm Melissa Banigan, Founder of Travel Solo After 40, a resource for mature single women with an emphases on gorgeous destinations, food and drink, and travel stories that read like literature.

Although I write primarily about France and the French Caribbean (Guadeloupe makes me swoon). I also love introducing readers to other beautiful countries such as Cameroon, Peru, Scotland, Iceland, and beyond.

A multimedia journalist by profession, my work has been published by outlets such as CNN Travel, BBC Travel, and Fodor's. I'm also the Founder and CEO of Advice Project Media, a nonprofit organization that offers journalism training to youth and women around the world, and the Founder of HiveMind Communications, a content strategy firm based in New York City.


Unlike your typical travel blog, you can expect the writing on this site to be well-written, thoroughly researched, and properly cited, with a slew of carefully curated photos and videos thrown into the mix. More about my non-travel work can be found on my professional website.

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